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Public speaking coaching 1 on 1

`Speak so Well` is a program based on an original structure that will be personalized to your needs. In the sessions, I will provide a lot of tips&tricks in such a manner that at the end of the program you can easily communicate with others.

We will train body language, presence, diction, speech training, storytelling, thinking & writing your own original speech or pitch, and delivering memorable speeches.

Why is it good for me?

» I have to prepare for an important pitch/speech and you want it to be a memorable one;

» I need personal training for English spoken language – a program that will help me through my whole career;

» I want to find my own voice;

» I want to develop my abilities to write, speak, create & think in English;

» I want to be more confident  in my abilities and escape from the stage fright;

» I need one experience that fits me & my unique way of being, I want to learn how to show my characteristics as strengths; 

trainer & coach

Răzvan Ropotan

I am an accredited trainer and coach of public speaking and communication, I have been conducting public speaking workshops since 2011 and have been present since then in numerous personal development programs for young & adults, including Vorbitorium for Incubator107 and Roaba de Cultura, Public Speaking for the Orange Company and Say it Loud for British Council.

WHERE? Online Offline At your office At our office

„I will create a fully customized program that fits your needs.” 

What will we do?

Creating a speech/a pitch

Useful tools for efficient communication

Diction and breathing exercises


Speak, write, create & think in English

Persuasion in front of large audiences

I would define Razvan’s approach as `freedom in speech`. He works so you can master your body language and be more comfortable with yourself while you speak in front of an audience.

He also gives you the tools so you know how to build your story such that will be a memorable one.

Thank you, Răzvan!

Claudia Buneci

Răzvan gave me the right tools to improve my diction, posture, and my power to tell my stories.

He also helped me to break the fear to speak in front of an audience. Because of this, I can today deliver speeches and among the most important I would mention book launches in an audience of about 100 people.

Cristina Zarioiu

What is the cost of this program?

Each program is custom made to fit your needs.


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